{Rose & Rob} A Love Filled London Pub Wedding

Rose and Rob have been together for eleven years. In that time they have moved from Devon to London…followed by all of their best friends – yup! – something I learned from their best men’s speech. They are at the heart and soul of their friendship group and in all the weddings I have witnessed,  I have rarely seen a bond between a social circle as special as this one. As one guest wrote in their guest book – ‘you make our faces hurt with happiness’ – well, again, yup! And putting together this gallery brought back all the memories of this brilliant day and made my cheeks ache all over again! This wedding was awesome, from everyone getting ready together at The Rose and Crown pub directly opposite the ceremony venue - the stunning art deco Stoke Newington Town Hall – to the good old fashioned knees up at the colourfully decorated Londesborough Pub. There was a personal, local, laid back vibe to the day: all the venues were within a 10 minute walk of each other, Rose and Rob live in the borough and they know the registrar personally. It all added up to the most perfectly perfect day for them. Plus they fed me sea bass!! Always a sure way to my heart ;)

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