{Katie & Dan} Beautiful Huntsmill Farm Wedding

Katie and Dan were married on a wet and windy day in May – and are living proof that rain on your wedding day absolutely need not dampen the celebration or the gorgeousness! Katie looked amazing in her Stephanie Allin Dress (a dress I especially loved as Steph designed my wedding dress too!) and the multitude of amazing home made details ensured that the marquee looked absolutely incredible – not least due to the seriously beautiful blooms supplied by florist Herbert and Isles. Top all this off with a singing bride (and groom!), delicious food, hilarious and heartfelt speeches and a rocking band - and their guests could not fail to have a blast. Come rain or come shine, these guys know how to party!! I knew that this one was a bit special on the day and am so thrilled that Katie and Dan had me along for the ride - I just love their photos and I hope you do too!

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