About Libby


Hi! I’m Libby. A Welsh Londoner living by the Sea in Sussex, married to a Canadian boy.

 I adore cities, sunshine and the sea.  I’m pretty certain Amsterdam is my spiritual home. I can often be found in the gym, or failing that having a nap – variety is the spice of life! I went to drama school and before becoming a photographer I was an actor for 10 years. I love brunch, flat whites, red wine, the theatre and music. I am married to my best pal and last year we made a tiny little human who is my greatest achievement. We are slowly decorating our first family home and I am hugely impatient while I wait for it to become a thing of beauty. I love house plants, but somehow manage to kill them all except for a flourishing Chinese Money Plant named Sue (who is my second greatest achievement).

So – that’s me in a nutshell! Stay a while, take a look around my site and check out the galleries. I would love to get to know you a little bit too, so please do stalk me on Insta using the social media link above and lets chat!



All images on this page by Ellie Gillard Photography