About Libby


Hi! I’m Libby. A Welsh girl, living in London, married to a Canadian boy.

I have always loved and been involved with the visual arts and after going away to study at drama school when I was 18, then working as an actor for more than 10 years, I began my adventures in photography by shooting actor’s headshots – something which felt like a very natural progression and blending of my two worlds. I was asked to shoot my first wedding in 2013 a matter of months after getting married myself and it – and the weddings that followed quickly afterwards – ended up being published on a couple of well known blogs and in magazines – which sent me flying headfirst into the wonderful world of wedding photography! 

I am passionate about people and portraits and I love that I get to spend my days getting to know fellow humans and telling a part of their story. This is why I see a connection between weddings and headshots/portfolios, whether it’s for professional use like actor’s headshots and portfolios, or personal journeys like weddings and lifestyle shoots.

My style of photography is natural, energetic and truthful – with my own artistic flair. I love people who do things their own way and don’t follow the rules, so I try to get to know you and capture a bit of that spirit in my photographs. I love getting in close and I love observing and capturing the little moments; the fleeting looks, the details, the light and even the things that do not necessarily go to plan, but are still part of your story! I also love stepping back and capturing bold vistas, urban landscapes, strong lines and symmetry. I see what is there and true and real and try to interpret it as creatively and stylishly as possible.

I really do believe that photography is a two way thing and that if our relationship is great then we will make great images together! So, here’s a bit about me: I adore cities, sunshine and the sea. People are at the heart of my professional photography, but I’m a huge fan of shooting buildings, places and things using my trusty iPhone – I love editing and posting these pictures on Instagram, so check them out @libbycphoto! I also love the theatre, movies, music (from Frank Sinatra to Frank Turner), books with hard covers and Danish design. I’m pretty certain Amsterdam is my spiritual home. I can often be found in the gym, but will always follow that up with a large G&T please and thank you ;)

So – that’s me in a nutshell! Stay a while, take a look around my site and check out the galleries. I would love to get to know you a little bit too, so if you have anything to say or questions to ask please do drop me an email, or find me using the social media links above.



All images on this page by Ellie Gillard Photography